Teo Benson Featured in 2013-14 Chamber Music Series

Nola_Springtime_Concert_smallerTeo Benson, lead instructor for the Halcyon Strings School and for Young Strings Project Outreach, performs with accompanist Nola Allen for the April 12th Springtime Rhapsody & Romance concert on Whidbey Island.  

Mr. Benson’s opening piece for the concert is Ballade by Ysaye, considered the greatest violinist of his time. Ysaÿe’s technical mastery of the violin, combined with his unparalleled depth of expression, had an enormous impact on the repertoire in the early 20th century. Mr. Benson says, “Ysaye is the only violinist composer to write for the violinist, not the violin. I connect with his compositions because they describe feelings that come out of a life dedicated to playing violin.”  Mr. Benson will close the program with his performance of Violin Sonata No. 8 in G major, composed during the traumatic period in his life when Beethoven was forced to admit to himself that he was losing his hearing. About Beethoven, Mr. Benson says, “Every time I play Beethoven, I am astounded at his ability to communicate his experience of the world through music–with such fearlessness and honesty.”